Welcome to Regina Beauty Lounge – your sanctuary for nail artistry and care. Embark on a journey to impeccable nails with our Nail services, where each method is crafted to bring out the strength and elegance of your nails. Our expertise goes beyond; we also offer indulgent Hair treatments, rejuvenating Face therapies, soothing Body treatments, and a variety of Other personalized beauty services.

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At Regina Beauty Lounge, every service is an invitation to indulge in a world of elegance and refinement. Come, let your beauty journey begin with us.


Enter the sphere of sophisticated grace at Regina Beauty Lounge, where our Nail services stand as a tribute to our dedication to your nails’ health and beauty. Shaped with precision and personalized care, our treatments are intended to fortify, beautify, and revolutionize your nails into their most stunning form. Witness the transformation of your hands and feet with our customized services that cater distinctively to the nature of your nails.

Nail care can make a woman's hands look more elegant and youthful at every age.

Regina Beauty Lounge in Al Qusais, Dubai, specializes in providing superior nail care services Dubai. Our salon is dedicated to elevating your nail aesthetics through innovative techniques and a vast selection of styles. Our expert team ensures each client enjoys a personalized experience, resulting in exquisite nails that reflect sophistication and elegance.

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We care for your confidence.

Guiding your journey, our passion lies in beautifying your hands and feet, elevating your self-image with every polish and treatment.
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