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Regina Beauty Lounge is A Full Service Lady’s Salon Dubai.

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Regina Beauty Lounge

Regina Beauty Lounge is a top-rated beauty parlour in Dubai. It offers ladies’ care and beauty services in Al Qusais, Dubai. Our goal is to provide incredibly unique and personalized beauty experiences for everyone. We acknowledge that each person is unique and has different demands and interests. By working together, we can carefully select treatments and packages that will meet your specific needs and provide an experience that will never be had before. Enjoy an unparalleled experience at the best beauty salons in Al Qusais, Dubai.

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Empower your inner radiance to express your unique story and essence.

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Begin each day radiantly with our transformative cosmetic touch.
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Welcome to Regina Beauty Lounge, your ultimate destination for luxury beauty services in Al Qusais, Dubai. Our salon is renowned for providing the best beauty solutions, from hair treatments, nail extensions,  facials and eye extension services. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, we’re the go-to beauty parlor for those seeking professional and personalized care.

Regina Beauty Lounge offering premium services, conveniently located to serve your beauty needs in the vibrant city. Discover excellence in beauty services at our state-of-the-art beauty salon in Dubai, ensuring a luxurious experience for all.

Black Hair Mask

Our revolutionary black hair mask treatment, fortified with Glicoamine, effectively neutralizes metal impurities in colored and damaged hair. It acts as a barrier against particle deposits, deeply moisturizing and fortifying the hair while providing exceptional softness and smoothness. The mask preserves vibrant color brilliance and reduces breakage by 87%, ensuring long-lasting, true-to-tone results.


We offer a full range of services of hair care including fresh aloe Vera treatment and dandruff treatment, Hair Styling, Chemical Services, Treatments, and a plethora of Hair Extension services. We welcome you to a hair protein treatment plus keratin treatment signature organic keratin free of chemical or a complete hair extension service. We do African braids too.


What isn’t to love about a luxurious long-lasting gel manicure?so!!!! only in Regina beauty lounge They provide a glamorous shiny nails with their unlimited range of gelish nail polish that is virtually indestructible. Their long-lasting high-intensity colour makes them ideal for holidays and special occasions, but also for everyday wear.
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We give you the beauty you need

Empowering your natural allure, we provide the essential touch to unveil your radiant essence.
We are a very professional team

Dedicated experts committed to excellence, our team consistently delivers top-notch solutions with unparalleled precision and passion.

We pick you out the perfect makeup

Hand-selected with expertise, we curate makeup choices tailored to highlight your unique beauty and style.

Warranty for you who are not satisfied

Peace of mind guaranteed: if you're not delighted, we're committed to making it right.

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